Frequently Asked Questions from Owners

When will Pillar be able to begin looking after my property?

Within twenty-four hours of the signing of the necessary contracts, will be ready to start managing your rental property.

What kind of timeframe can I expect for Pillar to find tenants for my unit?

We'll always strive to get the best available renters for you as quickly as we can. By placing advertisements in a variety of databases and platforms, we'll be in a position to find tenants in a timely manner. On average, it takes between one and two months for us to find and screen a suitable tenant.

Will tenants need to pay application fees?

Yes, they MAY be required to pay a fee to cover the expense of a credit check.

How will you set the amount of my property's rent?

Setting rent at a competitive rate is key to maximizing your earning potential and ensuring your property doesn't sit vacant. We have experience with tools and methods to analyze the rental market in a given area. We use extensive research to arrive at an optimized rent amount.

What are your rent collection methods?

Your tenants will be able to pay their rent online using a convenient portal. Tenants can also send payments to our office by mail, or pay via debit, cheque, or cash at our office in person.

Can you process direct deposits?

Yes, that is how we transfer funds to whatever bank account is most convenient to you.

What is your process for screening tenants?

An extensive screening process is conducted for rental applicants in order to lessen the potential for problem renters. We'll conduct checks of applicants' employment, credit, and criminal records. We'll also contact tenant references and check residential tenancies databases.

Will I be able to maintain my current insurer?

It's important that you ask your insurance company whether you'll be able to maintain your current coverage. We would ask to see your policy before entering any management agreement. We also insist that tenants in the units we manage have proper renters insurance. It's important for all everyone to be properly insured so that there's less to worry about in the case of an emergency.

What are the steps my renters will have to take?

Once a rental applicant has been properly screened, it will be time for them to pay a security deposit. Then we'll send them a lease to sign. After they have examined and agreed to the terms of the lease, they'll pay the first month of rent. We'll set up a tour of the property after these steps have been successfully completed. When certain properties require additional fees, these are paid at the same time as the signing of the lease.

How will my tenant be cleared from their lease?

Once the lease's term has ended and the renter has departed, we then thoroughly inspect the condition of the property. We'll compare the condition of the property to the condition observed during the move-in inspection. The security deposit is returned to the renter if the condition of the unit is approved and no damage is found.

Will you conduct additional inspections of the property?

All of our inspections are done digitally using photos and uploaded to your account. One month after a new tenant moves in, we'll check to see how the property is being maintained. After that, inspections are conducted quarterly. We also do move-in and move-out inspections.

What is your procedure for utilities?

When tenants move into your property, all hydro readings and tenant information is emailed to MB Hydro to set up a tenant account. We have a detailed water plan for Winnipeg Water and Waste. The bill remains in the owner's name, and tenant usage is tracked.

What happens if a renter is late on rent?

An important way we combat the risk of late payments of rent is by clearly stipulating the rules and consequences of delayed or missing rent payments in the lease. If tenants don't pay their rent on time, they'll need to pay a late penalty. If they repeatedly miss rent payments, we'll initiate eviction procedures.

What's the policy for property damage?

We conduct repairs using our licensed and professional partners. Before the repairs begin, we'll inform you about the details. When we get your permission, we'll begin the work as soon as possible. All maintenance and unexpected repairs are done using high-quality vendors at their best price.

Which reports can I access?

Your owner portal is the hub where you can examine all digital inspections and financial statements.

Should I allow smokers or pets?

All of the properties we manage are non-smoking. Pets are subject to a damage deposit, if the owner agrees to allow pets.

Will I lose control of my property by hiring a property manager?

No, you will still have control over decisions that are made. The degree to which you are involved in will be smaller, however day-to-day decisions will still remain entirely up to you