Looking for Property Management in the Winnipeg Area?

Pillar Property Management is your one stop shop. We have years of experience in the Winnipeg-area’s real estate market, and we are always putting our clients first. We know exactly what it takes to provide the kind of service necessary to take your real estate investment to the next level, helping your dreams become a reality.

Strong relationships are the foundation of any successful business partnership. When you choose Pillar Property Management, you’ll have access to our friendly team of experts, available to provide you with advice and information whenever you need it. With our hardworking team on your side, you’ll instantly have a leg up on other listings in the area.

We offer quality property management services at the best value. We never charge management fees during times of vacancy! Additionally, you can enjoy data-driven reporting on the performance of your property thanks to our committment to utilizing the latest technology in our management strategies. Operations for each property are managed by our HappyCo platform, while maintenance scheduling and dispatch is done through Jobber. The best part? All of this information integrates seamlessly with our Buildium platform, which means you have every piece of your property's performance at your fingertips with our Owner portal at no additional cost to you. That's right, you get bookkeeping as part of your base management fee!

Our move-in inspections include meter readings and photographs that are captured and sent straight into our Buildium system. That means that your inspection results are available right alongside all of your other performance reports!

We specialize in the management of every type of rental property, all the way from small single-family units to large commercial spaces. In our more than a decade of experience, we’ve seen time and time again that successful property management relies on great communication. Owners, tenants, and managers need to have a clear sense of expectations so that the rental relationship is satisfying on all ends. At Pillar, we’re committed to transparent communication to make your investment straight-forward. By always acting with integrity and following through on our promises, we can help make rental properties stress-free.

Our Services

Being the Winnipeg area’s one stop shop for property management means handling every aspect of your investment with speed and professionalism. Whenever your tenants have requests or concerns, their communications will come straight to us at our office. Our highly-qualified team will be ready and able to tackle any requests right away.

There are many ways we are able to help our clients succeed. Here are some of the property management services we are able to provide.

1. Marketing Your Listing

Getting the eyes of quality, dependable tenants onto your rental listings is one of the first steps in a thriving rental investment. The successful marketing of rental units requires close attention to detail. Because digital advertising is a shifting landscape, what works today might not work tomorrow. That’s why we’re always finding new ways to make our clients’ listings stand out.

The key to a great property listing includes showcasing the aspects of your property that will be attractive to local residents. These days, renters search for new accomodations in a number of ways. While some renters stick mainly to online listing sites, others still search in person using traditional signs. Some renters like to find new accommodations through word of mouth, and others use rental agencies. We know that finding the right tenants is an important ingredient in a profitable real estate investment. We have a proven record of finding quality renters quickly by putting listings in the places that prospective tenants search most.

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2. Screening Your Prospective Renters

Screening potential tenants is one of the trickiest aspects of trying to manage a rental property on your own. Properly evaluating applications and tenant information requires experience of knowing what to look for and what patterns most often lead to thriving owner-tenant relationships.

We’ll conduct a number tests in order to learn as much about your prospective tenants as possible. These tests include a credit check, criminal record checks, and reference checks. We also have access to residential tenancy databases, and will verify the employment of your applicants.

In combination, these tests help us find tenants who are responsible, reliable, and trustworthy. After all, good tenants can be the difference between your investment being a breeze or being a headache. When it comes to the tenant screening process, we believe in a comprehensive approach.

3. Collecting Your Rent Payments

Tracking down and collecting rent payments can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of self-managing a rental property. Not only is it a challenge to stay organized—especially if you own multiple properties—but it can be touchy to repeatedly remind tenants when their rent is late.

Letting Pillar Property Management handle rent collection for you will save time and prevent stress. We present tenants with multiple options for rent payment. They can pay online, or by mailing cheques to our office, or in person. Tenants can sign up for automatic rent transfers, which are great for promoting timely payment. And we’ll set up direct deposit to your preferred bank account so that your rental income is delivered to you automatically. A steady flow of rental income is an essential part of your real estate investment, which is why we’re committed to collecting your rent payments on time.

4. Repairing and Maintaining Your Property

When tenants are unsatisfied with their rental accommodations, a common culprit is maintenance. When repairs are delayed or completed poorly, renters can feel neglected and like they aren’t being properly looked after. Making sure that your property is well-maintained is important both for the value of your investment and for the happiness of your tenants.

Our in-house maintenance team is able to respond to maintenance requests with speed and professionalism. Sometimes, timely repair can be the difference between a quick fix and the development of a bigger problem. When we do need to hire outside contractors for specialized repairs, we are often able to get discounted quotes because of the relationships we’ve developed as the owners of numerous properties.

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5. Providing Detailed Financial Statements

Though Pillar will handle every aspect of managing your property with expertise and professionalism, you’ll want to check in on how your investment is performing in order to see whether you are meeting your financial goals. That’s why we provide owners with an online portal that they can monitor at any time of day, from wherever they are.

On your portal, you’ll find your financial statements in clear well-organized fashion. You’ll also have access to forms and information, and you’ll be able to see photos of our quarterly, semi-annual, or annual inspections of your property. Using your online portal, you’ll have the tools you need to stay fully up-to-date with your investment.

Managing Properties with Honesty and Integrity

We have a wealth of experience managing Winnipeg-area properties for our clients, and we are a team of property investors ourselves. That means we’re intimately familiar with the goals and expectations that property owners have. We’ll treat your investment with the care and attention we would expect to be paid to our own, which means we always act with a degree of honesty and integrity that you’ll notice and appreciate.

Every rental property is different, and every rental property owner has their own set of expectations and goals for their investment. When you choose Pillar Property Management, you’re choosing a team that will put you first every step of the way. With such a driven and experienced team working for you, you’ll have everything you need for your property to thrive.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to provide property management services in the following areas: Brandon, Headingley, Niverville, Selkirk, Steinbach, Winnipeg, and more.