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A professional property management company like Pillar Property Management can screen your tenants effectively

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Selkirk, Manitoba?

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With a results-oriented business approach, we are a company that focuses in providing property management solutions. Formed in 2005 at Winnipeg, the team has accumulated versatile skills to help property owners navigate the complexity of managing a rental home. We have a wealth of best management practices that will aid your success in the rental property business.

Our customer service remains topnotch in the field. We handle the marketing, tenant screening, property maintenance and repairs and rent collection. We eliminate landlord stresses by ensuring their properties are occupied by high quality tenants. We know full well that dealing with renters can be a huge challenge for those who own multiple rentals.

Pillar Property Management actively manages different properties located in Selkirk, Manitoba, Winnipeg and other surrounding areas. We strive to meet your financial and investment goals. We also take care to adhere to local regulations when managing your rental property.

You can get in touch with Pillar Property Management at (204) 667-6777. We welcome inquiries and we’re open to discussing ways we can competently manage your Selkirk, Manitoba real estate investment.

Our Property Management Services

Emphasizing the value of good communication when dealing with tenants, Pillar Property Management embodies professionalism. We conduct our property management services with a focus on efficiency and respect towards the tenants.

Engaging Pillar Property Management’s services will let you enjoy the following:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Your rental property in Selkirk might have one of the highly sought after features prospects are looking for. However, if your property marketing gets drowned out in a sea of mass advertisement, it doesn’t bode well for your business. This is where Pillar Property Management’s strength comes in handy. We have the special skills and resources to connect you with the high quality tenants you’re looking to occupy your Selkirk property.

Crafting an attractive property listing is a breeze for us. We know the best tools to use for both offline and online marketing. Our local knowledge of the Selkirk, Manitoba market gives us an edge when it comes to capturing your target demographics. We make use of the networks we’ve cultivated over the years. Further, we select the most suitable medium for reaching prospective renters using quality images and sharp advertising.

Tenant Screening Process

Tenant screening matters a lot. Pillar Property Management deems this as the first strategy to focus on to reduce future headaches. We concentrate on providing property owners with:

  • Tenants who are creditworthy and meet the appropriate credit score
  • Tenants whose rental background and references shows that they’re reliable and responsible
  • Tenants who can meet the monthly payment dues upon checking their financial records
  • Tenants who have not experienced eviction and does not have criminal records

This invaluable stage of the tenant selection process is detailed and comprehensive. We want to know the type of tenants we’re allowing to stay in your Selkirk rental space. We also want to reassure you that they’ll take care of the property while residing in it.

Rent Collection

Rent collection can be a major source of stress for a landlord especially for a first-time property owner. It can chew up your time chasing after rent payments. It can also burn your time sending reminders to renters of their due dates. However, Pillar Property Management turns to technology for a speedier rental collection.

Your Selkirk tenants will rest easy knowing they have a variety of options when paying their rent. Whether online, mailing cheques or paying at the office, they’ll be able to pay on or before the set due date. It helps that we are open to online enrollment of accounts so payment is more convenient. Property owners also benefit massively in this setup since the rent transfers will be hassle-free online.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

A common pet peeve of tenants is a non-responsive landlord when it comes to property repair requests. Pillar Property Management ensures this doesn’t happen in your Selkirk property. We work on keeping your tenants loyal by providing timely maintenance and repair.
Pillar Property Management can help maintain your rental property

We want to avoid looming problems in the future by attending to the small issues immediately. We don’t want our clients to end up with a ballooning expense so we also conduct preventive maintenance. If there’s a need to pay for special repair, we have our trusted network to rely on thereby cascading huge savings to our clients.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Given our emphasis on business transparency, we offer the same to our clients. You can quickly monitor with the online portal available to all property owners. You’ll be able to keep up with updates over your Selkirk property’s financial performance.

Pillar Property Management gives our clients access to important information such as financial reports and inspection photo documentation.

About Selkirk, Manitoba

Selkirk is located in the Western area of Manitoba and founded in 1882. It was named after the 5th Earl of Selkirk, Thomas Douglas. Among the major employers of the city are the Selkirk Mental Health Center and the Manitoba Rolling Mills. The city also attracts a huge number of visitors making tourism a large part of its economy. Selkirk is also famous for catfishes. (Source: Wikipedia)

In 2019, Selkirk landed in the top 10 best places to live in (worldatlas.com) for its natural landscape. Residents enjoy the quality living provided by this city. Its amenities include several waterfront areas and parks. It’s currently undergoing improvements making the city even more attractive to future tourists. Employment rate remains high in Selkirk making it a desirable place to settle down.

Here are interesting places to visit in Selkirk, Manitoba:

  1. Marine Museum of Manitoba
  2. The Selkirk Community Arts Center
  3. Red River Lighthouse
  4. Selkirk Golf and Country Club
  5. Chuck the Channel Catfish
  6. Kelly’s Bar and Grill
  7. Selkirk Park
  8. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site
  9. St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church
  10. Landmark Cinemas Gary Selkirk

Source: Wikipedia

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Areas We Serve

Pillar Property Management, Inc. proudly offers premier property management services to the areas surrounding Winnipeg, including Brandon, Headingley, Niverville, and Steinbach.

If you are looking for a professional property management company to take care of your Manitoba rental property, contact Pillar Property Management today!