Frequently Asked Questions from Tenants

What is the process for applying to rent a unit?

We require all applicants to be over the age of eighteen. You can fill out an application online (via website PDF or online form), or by fax, email, or in person. One application per adult is required.

Is it possible to apply for a property that I haven't personally viewed?

We stipulate that applications are made only for properties that have already been viewed. It's necessary for tenants to see properties in order to be sure of their condition. In circumstances where applicants are unable to view a property, it is possible for a family member or friend to view a property on behalf of an applicant. While we provide ample photos for the properties we manage, it's important for tenants to view units in person. A photo is a representation from which certain things cannot be perceived. That's why it's important for prospective tenants to visit the properties themselves.

What is the process for viewing a property?

On each listing there is a number you can call. You can also click here to use our contact page to get in touch. When you request a viewing, we'll set it up promptly. It's important to us that you are able to find the home of your dreams.

What kind of lease will I have to sign?

We provide convenient online lease forms for tenants to sign. All of our properties come with one year leases. In your lease form, you'll be able to read about the exact responsibilities of both owner and tenant during the period.

Will I have to pay a security deposit?

Yes, all tenants need to pay a security deposit before they can move in. The deposit amount is half a month of rent.

What rent payment methods are available?

You'll be required to pay rent on each month's first day. The following methods are provided:

  • Online. The system can be used by clicking here. By using the tenant login, you can see what your account balance is.
  • Mail. You can send your rent to us by mail, provided that it's in the form of a cheque or a money order. Be sure to write your unit number and address in the memo section.
  • By setting up a monthly payment that transfers money automatically, you can be sure your payments will never be late.

Please note, cash payments are accepted but discouraged for security reasons

Will my rent payments ever increase?

Usually increases in rent happen once a lease has expired. Rent is increased annually as per RTB guidelines and approved market conditions. Rent increases are based on market conditions and requests from property owners.

Can the fees for late rent payments be waived?

We have various rent payment options and allow prepayments in order to avoid late charges. Because all tenants receive equal treatment, it is not possible for late rent fees to be waived. Our policy for late charges is fully compliant with RTB laws.

What consequences are there if my rent is late?

If you realize that you won't be able to pay rent on time, it's important to call our leasing department immediately. If you don't communicate your situation, eviction procedures could result.

Am I allowed to have a roommate?

It is possible for tenants to have roommates, but each of them needs to be approved by us first. The way to get roommate approval is through our form of rental application. You'll need to complete the form and pay the fee so that we can screen prospective roommates. If you were to get a roommate without following the necessary steps, it would be a violation of your lease, possibly resulting in termination. A lease change fee of $75 will apply.

What is your definition of an emergency?

An event that puts people in danger or damages their property is an emergency. If your unit were to be flooded by a pipe bursting, or if the sewer wasn't working, of if a heater stopped working in the winter, each of these could be classified as an emergency. You can call 911 for fire, break-ins, disputes with neighbours or other tenants, or other disturbances.

Can I have a pet?

Whether or not you can have a pet depends on your specific lease. If you have a pet already and are thinking of getting another, you should contact us first. Pet requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, because they depend on each lease.

Is changing the locks allowed?

It's against our lease terms to change a lock without permission. If you would like to have new locks installed, first a request would need to be made. If you want to have additional locks installed, it would be up to you to pay for the locks and their installation. We require that any contractor involved in replacing or adding locks be approved by us first. If you wanted to change the locks because of safety concerns or damages you caused, you'd have to provide our office with a key copy.

Will anyone go into my home while I'm away?

We'll let you know in advance if for any reason it's necessary for your unit to be entered. A number of situations could require managers or staff to access to your home, such as if there's an emergency and repairs need to be conducted. It's possible that inspectors or insurance workers could need access at some point. It's preferable if general maintenance is conducted while you're around.

Should I get insurance?

We require that before you move in you get tenant insurance. Before we give you the keys, we'll ask to take a look at your policy for approval. It's important because your own contents are not protected or covered by the owner's insurance.