Why Hire Pillar Property Management?

Are you looking for property management in the Winnipeg area with local experience and proven results?

At Pillar Property Management, We are your solution for all your property management needs. Our team has experience in every aspect of ensuring that rental properties are running at maximum efficiency and profitability. What that means for you is all of the benefits a real estate investment’s passive income without any of the headache or time drain.

Winnipeg is a unique city, home to vibrant cultural institutions and residents from many walks of life. Whether you live in the Winnipeg area or you’re an out of province investor, you’ll want a property management company with a comprehensive understanding of Winnipeg’s rental market, as well as a sense of who Winnipeg’s renters are and what they’re looking for.

At Pillar, we’ve been involved in Winnipeg real estate for well over a decade, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you and your investment.

Our friendly team has experience from a wealth of fields, including: IT, finance, administration, sales, and management. When you choose Pillar, you’re choosing the advantage of a team of professionals who are ready to make the success of you and your investment our top priority.

The Pillar Property Management Advantage

Managing a successful rental property involves a range of tasks that can be frustrating to inexperienced property managers, including:

  • Rent collection
  • Tenant management
  • Listing marketing
  • Maintaining and repairing property

Any property owner who has tried to manage their own property knows how time-consuming these tasks can be, particularly if you have numerous rental units. This is why many property owners choose to enlist the help of property management companies, to free themselves to continue to enjoy life while their investment thrives in the hands of seasoned professionals.

But with many property management companies available in the Winnipeg area, what can you look for as attributes that set certain companies apart? And how can you be certain that you’ll end up with management services that help you make the absolute most out of your investment?

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Pillar Property Management:

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1. Fewer Unit Vacancies

A predictable stream of rental income is essential for the success of any rental property investment. When units sit vacant for any period of time, the pitfalls are manifold. After all, not only will you not be generating as much income, but you’ll still be responsible for maintaining these units.

We’ll market your property using our proven methods to ensure your listing is seen by quality tenants. Keeping your units filled with quality, reliable tenants is essential, which is why we enlist numerous listing services, as well as traditional offline marketing methods.

2. Effective Tenant Screening

A problem many self-managed property owners have is difficult tenants. This is because the tenant screening process takes a lot of time and experience to do properly. Recognizing what will typically make a reliable tenant and what are red flags is crucial for the success of your investment.

Effective screening is a big part of what we do at Pillar Property Management. We’ll perform a number of checks to determine the background of your prospective tenants. We’ll evaluate whether they have a proven ability to treat your property well and to make timely payments.

3. Reliable Rent Collection

There may be no bigger strain than chasing down missing rent payments from chronically late tenants. When you are inexperienced in property management, it’s easy to lose track of which payments should be arriving when.

Our effective rent collection begins with our detailed leases, which clearly stipulate our policies for late and missing rent. We also strive to find tenants who have demonstrated reliability in making rent payments.

We offer numerous ways for tenants to pay for their convenience. We’re determined to ensure that your rental income arrives in a timely and reliable fashion.

4. Efficient In-house Maintenance

It’s difficult and time consuming for self-managed property owners to research who the best local companies are to hire for maintenance. And while many other property management companies have local contractors on hire to conduct maintenance, we’re able to take efficient service way further with our in-house maintenance team.

In-house maintenance means that any time there’s a problem in any of your units, you can call our office and we’ll send our team over as soon as possible. No more calling various companies and waiting around. Your tenants will feel taken care of because of the speedy, reliable service of our maintenance team.

When specialized repairs are necessary, we’re often able to get great discounts on quotes. This is because of the relationships we’ve formed with contractors in the Winnipeg area based on our numerous properties. In this way, we’re able to ensure that we’re always getting the best possible rate on maintenance and repairs.

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5. Detailed Bookkeeping and Reports

While owning rental property is filled with perks, keeping track of financial reports and statements aren’t most people’s ideas of fulfilling tasks. Our clients benefit from our expert handling of the records and paperwork necessary for running a rental property.

Of course you’ll still want to keep a close eye on how your investment is performing, to ensure you’re maximizing the returns on your property. That’s why we’ll provide you with a web portal that you can check any time. In your portal, you’ll be able to see your rental income, expenses, margins, and more. Our reports are easy to read, and will be a lifesaver come tax season.

Working with Pillar Property Management

There’s no better feeling than having a low-stress rental property. A well-managed rental property is like a garden that just requires basic watering and weeding to ensure that it continues to produce and grow bountifully.

When you choose to have Pillar Property Management handle your property for you, you’re enlisting a highly-capable team from a range of professional backgrounds who will work together to make sure your investment is thoroughly taken care of. Our legal expertise will ensure your property is managed in accordance with local laws and regulations. Our in-house maintenance team will keep your property in great shape, and without the wait.

At Pillar, we’ve developed proven strategies that have been effective in ensuring our clients’ units are filled as quickly as possible. We have experience collecting rent and enforcing the terms set out in the detailed leases we draft. With Pillar working for you, you’ll find yourself with plenty of time to attend to other investments or hobbies, rather than overloading yourself with tasks.

All successful rental property investments are built on a foundation of good communication. Tenants need to know exactly what they can expect from their landlords. Property owners need to know exactly what they can expect from their managers. When expectations and goals are clearly stated, it’s far easier to meet them. Our friendly team will always be ready and available to discuss with you exactly what your real estate investment goals are, and how we can help you achieve them.

If you’re ready to give your rental property a big advantage over other listings in your area, get in touch with us. We’ll let you know how we’ll get our skills and ambition in property management working for you.